Hearing loss and dizziness

Hearing loss and dizziness Dizziness and hearing loss can at times be part of a much bigger problem. In combination, they are often connected to Meniere's disease. This is an inner ear condition that [...]


Tinnitus symptoms

Tinnitus Symptoms Tinnitus symptoms can be overwhelming and are all-consuming for some sufferers. It is a very serious condition that can create feelings of hopelessness in patients. This condition consists of ongoing phantom auditory [...]


Coronavirus and hearing loss

 Coronavirus and hearing loss Recent research has found that people who have battled coronavirus may be left with a hearing loss. In fact, in some cases, hearing loss could be one of the only [...]


Hearing loss and mental health

Hearing Loss and Mental Health Hearing loss can create a number of challenges in our lives, with mental health being one of the most significant. Most people do not make the connection between loss [...]


Radiation effects on hearing and balance

Radiation effects on hearing and balance There are many medical treatments that can cause problems with hearing and balance. Those treatments include ototoxic medications for the treatment of bacterial infections (including many of the [...]


Hearing loss and dementia

Hearing loss and dementia Research shows a connection between hearing loss and dementia. A study of more than 2000 older adults also found that cognitive decline was significantly reduced in subjects who used hearing [...]


Playing music could be good for your hearing

Playing music could be good for your hearing Research suggests that playing music, within a reasonable range could be good for your hearing. The key is that the music is playing at reasonable levels. [...]


Celebrity Hearing Challenges

Celebrity Hearing Challenges Celebrity hearing challenges are more common than you think. Those with hearing loss often feel socially isolated and alone. It is difficult to imagine anyone else going through the daily challenges that [...]


Challenging places to hear

Challenging Places to hear Here are the top 3 challenging places to hear... We often take for granted the ability to feel comfortable and to understand others in any environment. However, this ability does [...]

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