Category Archives: Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids and AI

Thanks to some exciting technological breakthroughs, we've been witnessing some pretty amazing developments in Artificial [...]

Hearing loss and exercise

We all know that exercise can prevent many age-related problems and diseases. Did you know [...]

Tinnitus symptoms

Tinnitus symptoms can be overwhelming and are all-consuming for some sufferers. It is a very [...]

Coronavirus and hearing loss

Recent research has found that people who have battled coronavirus may be left with a [...]

Hearing loss and mental health

Hearing loss can create a number of challenges in our lives, with mental health being [...]

Radiation effects on hearing and balance

There are many medical treatments that can cause problems with hearing and balance. Those treatments [...]

Hearing loss and dementia

In fact, fewer social interactions in general can have significant overall negative health outcomes that [...]

Celebrity Hearing Challenges

Celebrity hearing challenges are more common than you think. Those with hearing loss often feel [...]

Challenging places to hear

We often take for granted the ability to feel comfortable and to understand others in [...]

Diabetes and hearing loss

Research has found a connection between hearing loss and diabetes. This is an important connection [...]

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