Children and Hearing Loss

Children and Hearing Loss

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Untreated hearing loss in children can have devastating consequences including:

  • Speech and language delay

  • Poor academic performance

  • Reading difficulties

  • Behavioural problems

  • Impaired social development

  • Reduced vocational potential

Hearing Healthcare

Brampton Audiology can help minimize these risks by offering assessments for all age groups to determine whether medical referral, monitoring, and/or other treatments, including the prescription of hearing aids, is appropriate.

Your child’s hearing… does your child…

0-3 months

  • Startle, cry or waken to loud sounds.

  • Move head, eyes, arms and legs in response to a noise or voice.

  • Smile when spoken to (or calm down).

  • Appear to listen to sounds and talking.

4-6 months

  • Respond to changes in your tone of voice.

  • Look around for where new sounds are coming from.

  • Respond to music.

7 months to 1 year

  • Turn or look up when her/his name is called.

  • Respond to the word “no”.

  • Listen when spoken to.

  • Know common words like “cup”, “shoe”, “mom”.

  • Respond to requests such as “want more”, or “come here”.

1-2 years

  • Turn toward you when you call his/her name from behind..

  • Follow simple commands.

  • Try to “talk” by pointing, reaching and making noises.

  • Recognize sounds like a closing door or a ringing phone.

2-3 years

  • Listen to a simple story.

  • Follow two requests, eg. “get the ball and put it on the table”

3-4 years

  • Hear you when you call from another room.

  • Listen to the television at the same loudness as the rest of the family.

  • Answer simple questions.

4-5 years

  • Pay attention to a story and answer simple questions.

  • Hear and understand most of what is said at home and school (do family, teachers, sitters, and others think he/she hears fine?).

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