Hearing aid success in adults

Hearing Aid Success in Adults

Hearing Aid Success in Adults

The results of several studies suggest that the most important factor contributing to hearing aid success in adults is the positive support of family and friends. Successful hearing aid users commonly report, “The people around me think it was wise to get hearing aids,” and “The people around me think I hear better with my hearing aids.” Two other important factors leading to successful hearing aid use are the person’s attitude and ease of handling. Individuals who have a positive attitude about hearing aids and are comfortable handling them tend to be successful users. In other words, a positive attitude both before and after obtaining hearing aids contributes to success.  Not surprisingly, individuals with greater hearing difficulties tend to feel they are more successful with their hearing aids. However, this is only the third most important factor.

Success with hearing aids

The results from several studies suggest that:

  • Family members should be involved in the hearing rehabilitation process.
  • The process should include an exploration of the effects of the hearing loss on the individual and his or her family.
  • Instruction and demonstration of the handling of the hearing aids contribute to successful use.
  • It’s important to consider function over fashion. A Doctor of Audiology is able to recommend hearing aids that are best for your hearing loss. In some cases, a larger hearing aid is more appropriate for hearing loss. The main goal is to increase the quality of life.
  • The volume of the hearing aid is important and needs to be set by a Doctor of Audiology. They can appropriately set the limit for your specific hearing loss and ensure you can increase volume without feedback.

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